PRIVACY STATEMENT created 13.2.2014

1. Record keeper:

Name: KivaQ OyAb
Address: Tohtorintie 1 as. 1, 25900 Taalintehdas
Contact person: Ove Näsman, +358 400 218537,

2. Name of record:

KivaQ OyAb customer and user record.

3. Purpose of the record:

The collected information is used to maintain KivaQ OyAb customer relationships and to contact our customers in situations regarding the use of the KivaQ program.

4.Information collected:

Information is collected during the ordering process. The following information is registered: information about the organization and the contact person.

5. Regular sources of information:

All information is collected during the ordering.

6. Sharing and data transfer:

The information is not disclosed to any third party, except under the following circumstances:
- information disclosure in situations required by law
- information sharing with subsidiaries of the same parent company in accordance with applicable law

7. Security:

The information is maintained as a technical record. The data system is completely secured and only authorized persons use the record.

8. Privacy inquiries:

Persons or organizations included in the record have the right to audit the information stored about them.
If you would like to ensure the accuracy of your information in our record, please contact us. See contact details in part 1.
Please, state your request personally or submit a written request, signed, to us.

9. Right to correct your information:

You have the right to demand correction of inaccurate information. Please, address your request to KivaQ OyAb. See contact details in part 1.